Nature's Powerhouse for Clean Water


Green Bacto's Diverse Applications for Sustainable Water Management.

Green Bacto harnesses the natural power of local, beneficial microbes to treat wastewater effectively and eco-friendly. Forget harsh chemicals and foreign strains - Green Bacto is the sustainable choice for a cleaner tomorrow.


  • To make life more simple and healthier day by day


  • To Build Strategic Partnerships and state-of-the-art R&D with different approaches to technology, process, innovation, and execution

Regular use of Green Bacto eliminates odor inside and outside of many facilities. This has improved the quality of the working environment significantly in many institutions.

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"Green Bacto has been a game-changer for our wastewater treatment plant. Since we started using it, we've seen a significant reduction in sludge build-up, which means less maintenance and lower disposal costs. But the real benefit is knowing we're contributing to cleaner water for our community. Green Bacto is a natural solution that works, and that gives me peace of mind."
— Alan
"At Crystal Beverages, we're committed to responsible water usage. Green Bacto allows us to treat our wastewater efficiently and sustainably. The natural microbes in Green Bacto effectively break down pollutants without harsh chemicals, ensuring our water meets the highest quality standards. It's a win-win for us and the environment."
— Venkatesh